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Siller Macartney

Serving with:

Compassion. Transformation. Healing.

A Wisewoman

" A visionary wise woman for our times, Elke’s understanding of both the human dilemma and the human potential is powerful and healing. "

- PL, author, philanthropist

Mountain Landscape

Why Wisdom for a Change? 

Wisdom is in abundant supply, yet rarely accessed on a daily basis.


 I access wisdom through observation and intuition, and then, when it feels right to do so, I share it. Wisdom helps me be discerning. Discernment helps me trust my choices, activities, and even my everyday view of reality. 

People visit with me because:

They know I will listen. I’ve had powerful and sometimes rough life experiences. I will do my best to support whatever best serves them. 

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Elke Speaks

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