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Under the Tree: A Prayer to the Light-workers

Yesterday, I took the day off and drove 90 minutes to an ancient stand of trees in order to park myself under a special Grandmother tree. I've been in spiritual relationship with Grandmother Tree for 35 years. I met Her during a dark night of the soul, and have been making the journey to sit on her moss-covered skirts when I need to grieve and transmute energy. I even went there shortly after my beloved Jim's death in August 2020. I always feel embraced and soothed by her tremendously loving presence.

The rainy quiet of the temperate rain-forest was perfect for my mood: brooding, quiet, and sad about the world Situation (once again, I assume you know of which I speak). Lately, as much as I try to stay transcendent and uplifted, its a challenge to be a healer to people who suffer from not only their own challenges, but feel extra burdened by the consequences of the Situation. And of course, the shouting and cruel discourse in social, televised and paper media doesn't help my mood at all. I could feel my light dimming under the tidal wave of why not walk in the rain?

I found Grandmother tree right where I last saw her. At an estimated 450 + years old, it's amazing she still stands tall. Many fallen trees surround her. Now they are nurse trees, brimming with newly seeded lives: salal, huckleberry bushes, ferns, younger trees, and lots and lots of moss. The air around her was varying shades of green--especially in the misty autumn daylight. I clambered up to reach her lap, and stood under her huge branches.

I had brought a rattle, and rattled a rhythm perfect for prayer and song. I sang to the Earth. I sang to the Earth's people. I sang a wordless song to bring in a frequency of love and compassion. I then held still and offered the following prayer on behalf of my fellow light workers, the peoples of the earth, and on my own behalf as I support them (you):

May their soul light continue to shine brightly. May awareness come to the sleeping masses. May goodness prevail.

And may I continue to be protected in all ways, so that I may serve Great Spirit in this Shift of the Ages.

After my time with Grandmother Tree, I walked for hours on the trails of this ancient forest. I felt nurtured by its deep green aura. My aura was bathed by the cleansing rain. A peace had come, and a resolve too:

Every night at 8:00 PM, I've lit a candle and offered healing prayers to whoever needs or desires them. I resolve to add this prayer to Healing prayer time:

May their soul light continue to shine brightly. May awareness come to the sleeping masses. May goodness prevail.

Blessings to all. Stay lifted. And find a tree to sit under, ok?

Grandmother Tree and me in the Summertime

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