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We all need it once in awhile.

I offer services and tools for people living a spiritually empowered lifestyle. I have over 40 years experience as a spiritual practitioner and studied diverse wisdom traditions, including Shamanic, spiritual, and energy healing traditions. I present perspectives that will help you when you're feeling stuck or confused, or need confirmation that you are indeed on the right path for you.

As an aura seer, I perceive the ever-evolving energy field of my clients, and I individualize my work to fit your energy, as well as your needs and intentions.

$100 - 60 minutes
$150 - 90 minutes

Guidance Sessions

Affirm your own wisdom and gain tools to face challenges and live a fulfilling life.

$100 - 60 minutes
$150 - 90 minutes

Energy Adjustment Sessions (EASe)

Energy adjustment sessions are a time for you to release any energies that do not serve you.

$150 - 90 minutes

Aura Portraits

All of us are surrounded by an Aura that expresses itself in beautiful colors.

$100 per hour

Home, Work & Land Energy Clearing

Clear and release stuck, unwanted energy from your home, office or land.

$100 per hour

Custom Rituals, Ceremonies & Blessings

Personally designed experiences tailor-made to your special life event.

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