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We all need it once in awhile.

I offer services and tools for people living a spiritually empowered lifestyle. I have over 40 years experience as a spiritual practitioner and studied diverse wisdom traditions, including Shamanic, spiritual, and energy healing traditions. I present perspectives that will help you when you're feeling stuck or confused, or need confirmation that you are indeed on the right path for you.

As an aura seer, I perceive the ever-evolving energy field of my clients, and I individualize my work to fit your energy, as well as your needs and intentions.


Aura Portrait Sessions

All of us are surrounded by an Aura that expresses itself in beautiful colors. I see your Soul colors, as well as other spiritual symbols describing your unique Spirit. During an aura portrait session, I paint a watercolor portrait of what I see. Aura portraits are available in-person or online. I might also speak to you about:

  • Your life's purpose

  • Your physical and emotional health

  • Current life trends

  • Taking steps to further your life's work


“My training is in Physics, which I taught for 36 years. It was absolutely clear to me that my session with Elke was not anything like a “cold reading”--that is she did not probe me with questions for information that she could then elaborate. No, she could “see” clearly in colors that were not visible to me. She used these for personal information about me that was specific and beyond anything I had told her. She made her vision visible to me as it took shape over two hours in the form of a large colored drawing and in audio which was recorded for me to take home. Her recording of our session is a rich treasure of personal insights for me to explore as I revisit it from time to time. I am not certain if what she sees is a product of something like quantum entanglement as Dean Radin describes or is electromagnetic in expression. However, anyone not blocked by a paradigm blindness which prevents such possibilities, would find the experience amazing and useful. You do not need a double blind study to convince yourself that gravity is probably real but it is also highly mysterious. Gravity depends on matter. We understand many things, yet about only 5% of all matter. The remaining 95% consisting of black matter, black energy etc. etc. but it binds together the Universe as we know it. So too Elke taps into something equally real that binds the knowns and unknowns of our lives and spirits together." - Dr. Ken Kuhn, Vancouver, BC, Canada "I had my aura portrait done and gifted one for my daughter's 20th birthday. Both are beautiful and the whole experience was amazing. Elke has insight like no other. She sees into your soul and shows you the beauty of it. In my personal aura, she was able to confirm a path for my life that changed my life and gave me encouragement to go forward where I have never gone before! For my daughter, she helped her understand herself more clearly which instilled the confidence she needed." - Lydia Oakes, Anacortes, WA


Guidance Sessions

I affirm your own wisdom, and offer tools to face challenges and live a fulfilling life. I base my guidance on deep listening and observation of your personal aura, so l empower you to trust your own knowing and senses.


Modalities include shamanic healing, therapeutic counseling, EFT, EMDR, grief counseling, trauma mitigation, soul retrieval, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and direct aura observation and evaluation. Spiritual Guidance sessions are held in my near-LaConner, WA office- location,  or online  via Zoom.


" I always feel like I'm in such good hands with Elke. She has really helped me through some of my toughest of times by removing some sticky icky stuff from my energy field and providing wise guidance and energy hygiene tools I can use in my daily life. Each time I've had a shamanic healing session with Elke, I leave feeling so much lighter and brighter--and deeply cared for and supported. I highly recommend her!" - Rebecca Clio Gould, Meditation & Qigong Teacher, Seattle, WA

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Energy Adjustment Sessions (EASe)

No matter what you are going through-- chronic or acute illness, bad back, stress, nightmares, dark night of the soul--your energy body (aura) is affected. 

Energy adjustment sessions are a time for you to release any energies that do not serve you. Your aura lets me know what needs to go and what needs to flow! 


 My training as an energy healer stems from 40+ years of  shamanic training and practice, as well training in Reiki, Quantum Touch, Reflexology, and Therapeutic Touch, Soul Retrieval work.  In-person energy healing sessions are in my near-LaConner, WA office. $100/hour

( Need-based fees offered. Just ask!).  

You will receive an email with the location details upon booking.

Note: Energy healing sessions are meant to contribute to your overall well-being. They are not meant to replace medical treatment or diagnosis.


"I suffered from nightmares and anxiety from past traumas. Elke gently and effectively helped me release what I've suffered for years. Thank you for this gift." - E. B. Huddleston, humanitarian, Washington, DC "I am not sure how it happens, but when my back is out, or I have a severe headache, I call on Elke. Within minutes, all pain is gone!" - T.S., musician, Seattle "My family and I were scheduled for a vacation trip we all looked forward to when I developed severe pain in my abdomen: probably kidney or gallstones, both have plagued me all my adult life. Elke quietly, gently worked her magic...I have not had any pain since." - RJ, Nurse, Albuquerque, NM


Custom Meditation Video Sessions

Affordable guided meditation made custom for you by Elke Siller Macartney. Relieve stress and anxiety, feel empowered and guided on your path with a made-for-you video you can watch at your convenience.  $80


Space Clearing & Blessing

Clear and release stuck, unwanted energy from your home, office or land. Then bless the space with a positive, energizing intention and vibration. Fees depend on travel distance, and travel expenses.


"By removing unwanted and unintended energy from your space, you create mental and emotional balance. A mental state of well-being, lightness, and clarity follow. Thus allowing a home or business to feel much more peaceful and calm. Once stale negative vibration energy is cleared and replaced with high-frequency energy, you can feel the invigorating energy in your home or office filled with positive life-affirming energy. Home clearing and blessing bring happiness and contentment. The result is clarity of vision and peace of mind. The clearing reestablishes a feeling of protection and safety to your surroundings. Highly recommend Elke Siller Macartney, shaman momma as I call her. $ well worth every penny and more. " - Joan Barlow, Owner, Native Springs Spa, Anacortes, WA


Rituals & Ceremonies

Beautiful, spiritually-based rituals and  ceremonies, include memorials/celebrations of life, home, land and business blessings, and weddings. Fees vary depending on location. 

Weddings are personally designed for you as a couple.  Outdoor weddings a specialty! Fees vary, depending on wedding location, and include two consulting/planning sessions and a memento book of the wedding service.

Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Classes, sharing groups and retreats empower and support your authentic self. Offerings over Zoom, or in person. See activities schedule, or contact me to schedule a special group for you and your friends.

Collective Grief Ceremony
Collective Grief Ceremony
Jun 03, 2023, 9:00 AM PDT – Jun 04, 2023, 10:30 AM PDT
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