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My Story

On being an aura seer:
In my early childhood, I saw colorful clouds of energy around people, animals and plants. I also saw spirits of all kinds—angels, fairies, human spirits--I thought everyone saw like this. Yet, when I was told and then accepted that this was all “my imagination,” the sight went away…for a time.

Years later, as a  21 y.o. psychology student and newlywed, I woke up to see a colorful "mist" around the sleeping form of my first husband. I sat up and rubbed my eyes to get rid of the mist—it didn't work. Slightly scared, I thought: “Far out! I don’t do drugs, but this is amazing! Hmm. I'm in love with the dude, so maybe this is an effect of endorphins on my optic nerves?” I went back to sleep, assuming it would all go away in the morning. I was wrong.

When morning came, I not only saw the colorful mist around him, but it also seemed to communicate intimate details about this man’s health to me. In a panic, I ran to a window with a view of a parking lot to see if anyone else had glowing mists and yes, they did.

Thus began my journey to wrangle the gift—and challenge--of seeing auras. The journey has brought me to study with wisdom teachers from around the world, seek answers in science and metaphysics, as well as receive information from Spirit and my own observations.

So now, I am a woman on a mission: I help people to trust themselves, their own wisdom, and their own intuition. 


Guided by Wisdom

Wisdom is in abundant supply, yet rarely accessed on a daily basis.  Hence, if we do not access our own wisdom, we cannot change what needs to be changed, nor can we heal what ails us, create solutions to challenges, or evolve.

As we more and more access and are guided by our own innate wisdom, we bring positive changes to a world that sorely needs change.


Guided by wisdom:

In my work, people do not visit with me because I have it all figured out—Honestly, I’d be rather suspect about someone who has it all figured out.


People visit with me because:

* They know I will listen without judgement. I’ve had powerful and sometimes rough life experiences. I will do my best to support whatever best serves them. 

*I observe what their aura shows me, and base my guidance and healing work on that observation. What I think is best for you doesn’t matter as much as what your aura—your energy field—knows is best for you. 


When I am in session, I observe how your personal aura responds. In that way, I’ve helped people sort out what is best for them, what doesn’t serve them, what they might want to wait on, or what they might want to act on immediately. In energy healing sessions, I closely observe the energy pathways that inform me of what needs to flow, and what needs to go and be released back to Source.

One more thought about me:

Nature informs me, so all my work is based on Nature's wisdom. Nature lets me know what is in balance and what is not. I believe that all of us are meant to be a part of Nature, not apart from Nature. 


Be wise and stay natural, my friends. I hope to visit with you soon.

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