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The quiet voice of intuition, and why you might listen to it

The quiet voice of intuition, and why you might listen to it...

Let's be honest here.

There is a lot of shouting—even screaming—going on in these turbulent times. We humans are quite passionate about our positions and opinions; especially when facing the hugest challenges we’ve had to face as humanity. I need not list out the challenges, because I trust you’re aware of them.

What I do want us to all remember though, is we have a guide and friend who has always been within each one of us: Our Intuition is that lifelong guide, and will always be. Beyond the voice of reason. Beyond the voice that yells, “This has to be true, because it's declared as true by the powers that be/authorities/my friends/the internet/the news/et al, so therefore it must be true…” Beyond your own loud voice trying to make sense of it all. Because…

There is no sense to it all. Really, I mean this with all my heart: There is no sense to the massively destructive ways we are dealing with our current challenges. But there is an extraordinary, and yet ordinary tool that is always available to us: Our intuition.

Let me warn you though: Most of the time, your intuition does not yell. Nope. Intuition is NOT there to TRY TO CONVINCE you (note the yelling caps) of anything. It is much more subtle and quiet, because…

Intuition is there to guide you to your highest and best good…full stop. That guidance will lead you to your highest and best course of action, yet one can get confused sometimes.

What is the voice of intuition, and what is the voice of Ego? Here’s how to tell:

Ego loves to yell. And it loves to judge, analyze and figure out. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that. We all have egos, so we'll have to work and play with them daily. Yet…

I will speak for myself now: If I truly want to know how to proceed, or discern what is actually going on, or how to center myself in an increasingly tilted world, my Intuition guides me, without judgement, shaming, insisting, or yelling that its “right and I better listen!”.

Rather, Intuition has a soft and kind voice. Centered. Peaceful. And always with the highest of intentions. Intuition states, "I love you. I hear you. May I suggest….” And then—this is important— it lets me choose. Yea…that’s the big difference between Ego vs. Intuition:

Intuition always leaves room for choice. Intuition is never bossy. Intuition trusts me to know and discern for myself.

So lately, though the discordant and incessant yelling of who is right and who is wrong seems to be getting louder by the day, I do my best to remove myself from it all: I turn off devices. I walk in nature. I meditate and pray for guidance. I stop and listen….

And the quiet still voice of Intuition, aka Spirit speaks. I’m grateful for its divine presence, and may I trust that voice more each day.

And may I suggest you do as well: Trust that quiet inner voice.

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