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Resurrection time

Easter Sunday, 2021

What shall we resurrect today?

Shall we resurrect old patterns that do not work?

Shall we resurrect the many years of battle against and fighting the “good fight”? And as well, Shall we resurrect our tendency to act out of fear and anger, and build walls around us, and our homes and our lives and our countries? Or Shall we resurrect our deeper knowing? Our intuition? Our building upon what DOES work? Shall we resurrect our rightful place in this vast Universe?

The Master taught us:

Resurrection is not just for one humble, Christ-ed man. It is meant for us. The ones who ask for…and cry for…reunion with the Source of our being: The One who unites us all.

It is the resurrection of Love.

It's the only way to remove the stone from humanity’s tomb.

Let us resurrect… Kindness Compassion Non-judgement Knowing Understanding Witnessing and… Pouring our attention into What works, and What nurtures us and the Earth.

The Earth: Her resurrection is nigh.

Her resurrection is our resurrection. Let Her breathe. Let us all breathe. Let us remember…. The resurrection of Love on this Earth is our calling.

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