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Resurrecting your True Light

Resurrection: a word that often follows the words "destruction" or 'breakdown', as in to resurrect a broken chair or building or community. We resurrect shattered dreams and old ideas. And then there are resurrection stories, found in myths from around the world: A springtime serpent God in MesoAmerica. Mythra in Persia was born in winter, then died and was resurrected in spring— perhaps a myth reborn in the Jesus resurrection story. Isis journeyed to find the soul and body parts of Osiris, scattered by another jealous god, and resurrected him as a whole Being who went on to be a god of healing. The Germanic Goddess, Ostere, ushered in the warmth of spring and renewal and rebirth during the first full moon after the spring equinox.

And then there’s the ancient story behind Passover or Pesach, a celebration of springtime’s birth and rebirth, and the journey from slavery to freedom, and of taking responsibility for yourself and your community. I find those last few words meaningful and powerful: As the ancient Jews journeyed to their freedom, every household took upon themselves to follow what they viewed as Divine Guidance. In ancient Assyria, the practices that could have merged with Passover also spoke to celebrating Spring, and made sure demonic forces “passed over’ and did not affect the clan. In other words: Passover requires actions and words: certainly not a passive time!

2022 Springtime resurrection:

The powerful astrological energies of these last few weeks leading up to the full moon/Easter/Resurrection time this Sunday cannot be overstated. The Light of the Old Souls which has been held back and buried under the rubble of fear and control is on the move—upward. Coming out to the light of day.

Therefore… In order to allow that light to fully shine, the fear and intimidation and nastiness and division and gaslighting and challenging our self esteem and so forth has been showing up, and triggering us. Triggers are messages in their own right though. Remember that. Triggers are not just a means to keep us in the shadows and in fear: They also bring what needs to be released and transmuted to the light of awareness. So thank those triggers! I mean it. Thank them and let them speak, and let's attend to them.

Smudging rituals:

In spiritual traditions the world over, burning resins, oils or plant materials are used to prepare a space or individual for sacred rites and rituals. There is tremendous power in the transformative power of smudging: one takes something that seems solid— a twig or stick of incense or resin or leaves— and through the power of adding fire, transforms the solid substance to smoke. That smoke represents Spirit made manifest, and becomes a living prayer. Intention then directs the smoke to clear and release whatever negative or low vibrations do not serve the individual or group.

Whenever I use the sacred smoke to release what needs to go, a space is created by the removal of released energy. Therefore, after the clearing, I use light (in the form of candle light) to fill in the "divot," and as a place saver for what truly belongs there.

And this is what belongs in your energy field and body: Your Authentic Self, well-being, abundance in all ways, support in all ways, ease, joy, and….LOVE.

Nowadays, here's the thing: even after we release some of our old slave programming through rituals and prayers, we will continue to release what no longer serves the authentic Self long into our collective future. The world is still squirrelly and chaotic, and the negative energies which have held us in the frequency of slave consciousness are on their last gasps of life: So they're pulling out all the stops to keep us enslaved.

And yet… You've got this. We've got this. How do I know:? I just know. I witness the lifting of the veils of division everyday. I also witness the gnarly stuff hanging on. Yet because there are aware persons like yourselves in the world, I have hope and the knowing that this is a massive resurrection project about to burst forth. The last two plus years (and counting) of worldwide challenges has created more rubble for us to dig out of: The social structures that kept us well and supported have been torn asunder. Physical and mental health has been compromised and changed for billions of people. And you know the rest of this evolving story… The old ways of being in life are being torn down by whatever forces have kept us in bondage. Those forces are not going to let go easily. So we will have to create our own resurrection story. Here's how…

Be in joy as often as possible. Do and take on and receive only that which truly supports you. Let that other shit go. I realize this will be difficult at times, especially when loved ones and relations are involved. Yet you are an example of the ascension energy, and of tapping into your true potential.

You are sovereign unto yourself as a reflection and creation of the Divine. The full moon amplifies this theme: The moon can only shine bright because it is reflecting the light of the Sun. You can only shine bright because you have Source light shining on you—and from within you.

So celebrate that light by lighting a candle, and giving thanks for your divine inheritance: You are Love, undivided, unconditional, and unending. Wherever that Love light shines, the darkness is dispersed. Let your light shine—the rubble and stuff and muck that is keeping you under wraps will be seen and known and…


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