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Divine Timing ( or don't walk under the falling trees)

I'm glad I didn't walk here when the tree came down!

Spring is right around the corner, and with it will come tiny shoots and buds and baby birds and bunnies. There will also be nettles to look out for because one brush provides stinging evidence of their defense mechanisms, and flying and crawling bugs will wake up as well. The leaves on the alders and maples are starting to show their light happy green leaves—to me, this is what abundance looks like. Everything shines and sparkles in the sun. Potential is everywhere. I admit that I am smilier in springtime, and Nature seems to smile right back. I want to plant seeds, to hatch new ideas, to get going and creating and dance in the grass.

That said, we're barely through a winter of dark and cold and alas—snow! The snow changed everything: the trails were buried, the trees bent over in submission. And I saw stuff I do not notice when the snow is not around including animal tracks. The few humans and dogs and deer and unknown critters who ventured through the woods could be tracked down. Their paths were all there, obvious to follow.

The divine timing of winter: it’s a time to go within and follow the path of my heart rather than my exuberant loud mind. I like the quiet darkness of winter—it’s my favorite writing and thinking time. I am also mindful that life is slowed down by it's noisier weather: When strong winds blow, we all—animals and humans—are forced to pause. I can’t tell you how many trees were downed in the forest, but I can tell you that when I came upon some of their huge limbs and trunks and smashed branches blocking my passage, I said a prayer of thanks for divine timing. If I had walked while a tree gave in to the powerful winds or the heavy snow or the brittleness of age, I would be in a world of hurt…at the very least. It amazes me how many opportunities there have to get hurt by falling limbs and trees—and yet, I am not there at that time. On one of my favorite trails, there is a “widow maker” branch dangling dangerously overhead. It has yet to come down—and I always walk very quickly underneath while I acknowledge its own divine timing: thank you!

Now the springtime energy is rising, and the March winds of change are blowing, and I feel enough restlessness to clean things up and make changes. It's time to dust, and weed out old possessions and even old ways of doing what I know to do. I have abundant ideas, and perhaps during this spring there will be time to hatch a few of them. I cherish the recent time I’ve been given though--enough time to pause and reflect and heal. And I give thanks that I didn’t move too quickly on some ideas, only to see them come tumbling back to earth shortly after a hasty launch.

It’s all about divine timing. So... Take time to occasionally tune into your spiritual nature and ask about your choices and decisions: Is this the right time to prepare for the new? Is this the right time to plant seeds? Is this the right time to weed and clear out the unnecessary? Is this the right time to harvest what you've planted? Or.. Is it a time to pause, reflect and pray? If so, take the time you need to dream. Then make the time to aim your thoughts on a targeted goal, steady and center yourself, and let your intentions fly!

Divine Spirit will handle the rest of the journey, and make sure you are at the right place at the right time.

Divine blessings, Elke

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