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Dance til I'm 110

Last night, I used up my ferry punch-card to travel to small but mighty Guemes Island--home of some of the most creative souls I know. Husband Jim and I wandered up to the Guemes Store, ordered beer and cider and took in the community joy as people started to gather for an Earth Day Luminary Parade later that evening. That’s me up there with my star-feathers luminary.

Before the parade start, the Guemes Drummers, a band of drummers who practice on Thursday nights, drummed and a few of us danced. Guess who was in there, warming up with African and other world-beat moves? When there is drumming or rhythmic music of any kind going on, and no matter where--be it in the Safeway produce aisle or dance walking around the marina, or at any number of free summer concerts and of course, at drumming event--I HAVE to dance. It’s a must. So if you’re the kind of person who’s embarrassed to be with someone who spontaneously erupts into dancing, well, you should not accompany me...anywhere.

After the drumming, and as I was collecting my coat and luminary for the parade, a woman I’d never met said, “You’re going to live to be 110.” I asked why. “Because you dance so joyfully and and that will keep you young.” I beamed at her and replied: “When I was a little girl, I had the strange thought that I would either live to be 30 years old or 110. I had a cancer scare at 30, and made it through. Working on 110 now.”

I danced the whole parade route.

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