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Reminder from a Friendly Universe, re: Love

While dusting a bookshelf, I picked up an almost forgotten book. This was a book I had "downloaded," or channeled over 12 years ago, and was almost forgotten because I had frankly given up on distributing it. I have my reasons for the neglect.

During the last few years of his life, husband Jim was still reading Downloading a Friendly Universe. He mined it for inspiration for his work on his "Map of Everything". Yes, my brilliant guy was ever curious about the inner workings of The universe, and wanted to map it all out... go figure! And somehow, these missives on all things consciousness fed him.

So, here it was, in my hands, and at this time in my life, post-Jim, yet also in the middle of dealing with the world Situation (I always assume you know what I might mean). Lately, it seems I have to steel myself to face another day: I'm pretty sure some of you are there too. I wonder about where all this divisiveness and destruction is leading. I wonder how I can be of help too. I mostly wonder if this is a friendly Universe, so I opened the book to a random page and read the following:

As a force of consciousness, Love exists in a state of forever. We speak not of the categories humanity has placed love into--as if love could be cordoned off. Rather, we speak of the the force of Love which is all acceptance, all allowance in all ways. For without Love, nothing--absolutely nothing--would exist. You would not exist. These words would not exist, neither would this world exist. Whether we speak of the parts of the world where darkness descends or parts of the world that are lit up; whether we speak of the conscious awareness of people who are waking up to their glorious selves, or the vast sleepy ones who blanket the earth, all are enveloped by Love's embrace.

Love is the ultimate in allowance...

Whoooo.... Deep breath. This is something I need to read and take in right now. My human self wonders--daily--Who or What would allow such awfulness to continue? I mean, a little help "down here" please! Yet here's the answer:

Love allows all. Love accepts all. And I feel that...nah, I know that this realization will eventually soften the hearts of even the most stubbornly asleep to their true selves as the children of Love.

Thanks Friendly Universe for having me dust off some wisdom now and again.

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