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Release and Re-alignment download

Release and re-alignment download

In my wonderful work, I note trends: Unrelated people having similar symptoms or issues or challenges. This has been so for the entirety of my career as a healer and guide: themes come in waves. The latest trend is a number of people experiencing an uptick in symptoms--just when life seemed to be going in a positive direction! Of course, frustration and discouragement ensues: They say stuff like: "What the heck? I thought I was...

getting better/stronger ... feeling more positive/less stressed/more centered ... moving forward and not backwards...."

Disappointment rules the day, and one is apt to want to give up entirely. This is totally understandable. I admit that in the last 2 plus years, I've been up and down and up and down again with my attitude about the future--including my personal future.

So it was powerful to send the following "download" to a friend who, because of increasing negative symptoms, feels frustrated, stuck, and ready to give up on the battle for good health. As I sent this download to her, I thought we all might benefit from it. I send it with my heartfelt intention that it blesses your life.


"As you place your energies and attention on what no longer serves you, the intensity of what no longer serves you will increase. It has to, because of the Law of Attention: That which we pour our attention into will eventually get created. That said, I also strongly feel that your current uptick in symptoms and yuck is for this reason: As you draw your attention to them, the thoughts which no longer serve you become so intense you also make a shift to thinking something else! And what would that something else be?

It would be to draw your attention to what DOES serve you in your life. No matter how small that something seems to be, it will increase in intensity and manifestation as you put your attention to it. It could be as simple as a sweet smile from your loved one, or the sighting of an eagle or a hummingbird. It could also be a moment of insight about your life, and how that insight heals your ancestral line as well as your children's future. Yes, you read that correctly: Every moment of healing your thoughts brings about a transformation backwards and forwards in the timeline. Time is basically a concept humans made up for convenience, after all.

Anyway, when you become more skillful in what you pour your attention into, you might even allow the non-essential elements to sit for a while and even build up to fever pitch so that the transmutation and release has a maximum-- and permanent--impact. You get to more clearly see what no longer works, so that when you're ready to let go, all those things or people or energies completely burn up when presented as the truth of what they actually are. This is high-level mastery we're talking about. But I know that you're up for it.

Blessings on your day.

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