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Note to Self, Re: Texting is Fraught…

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Life notes to self (and friends): Texting, while a convenient way to communicate, can be misconstrued, misunderstood, and fraught with assumption making. I know this because, in recent text conversations with people I love, I came across as bothersome or bossy or controlling or….worse. Ack. Not my intention. At all. So...

Further notes to self:

1. Texting (and Facebook posting) is hard to interpret sometimes.

2. If someone is upset at you for what they read into the texts, try for clarity of your true person if possible. Start with: "That was not my intention. I'm sorry it came across that way...."

3. Before things get out of hand, do a little ritual: Breathe deep. Visualize and put the focus on a sparkler above your head: it contains the best of you--your higher Self. Have your Higher Self communicate with the higher Self of the other person(s). Send them love through this channel.

4. Let it go, let it go!! It's usually not about you.

5. Remember to forgive yourself.

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