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This is the longest winter, even though the world is heated up. Even though the fire is building in our souls and in our minds, it is covered up by this thick blanket of cold and dark and quiet.

This is the longest winter, although it is not the snow that blankets us. It is the shut down of so many different things. This long winter is a quarantine, an isolation in our own huts, while the dark blanket piles on.

My Spirit said to me today, “This will be a long long winter, though the summer is near.”

It is May now, and winter has been extended to this month and into the next and the next. This is the longest winter on record of any kind. And we will feel the effects of this isolation and shut down for a long time to come…long after this strange ice melts, long after we break free into a new reality.

So, speaking of which, as we sit or stand or dance or pout or shout in our own huts, there is opportunity here. There is promise here. There is potential for a new reality to be created. It doesn’t seem so, right now, of course, as we peer out our windows into a bright day that, for the most part, we can’t enjoy.

But in this winter of our quarantine, we can dream. That is one allowance for everyone to experience: their dreams. So as you dream through these times, and work out the kinks and bumps and agitations of the past, as you dream—bad dreams and good dreams and nightmares and wonders, remember that you can choose what to dream while you're awake in this time.

For, during this long winter, that is our true potential: To awaken.

To create a new reality that benefits all life forms, including the Earth and her animals and plants; and including us, of course, since we are the ones experiencing this winter.

In the quiet of your hut, go deeper. Go deeper and see and remember who you truly are.

And when you emerge out of this long winter, you will witness a new reality, born of your waking dreams.

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