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Blue Reunion

My heart pointed to the water today.

When I looked at my heart, it was colored blue like the ocean. That’s how I knew. And my heart was inverse…telling me this was an inward journey.

I knew immediately where to go. I needed the cleaning action of a water view, I needed the reflective nature of water, and this spot provided everything I needed.

On the way to this favorite view spot, I walked on a forest trail, rather than the road, so that I could experience some forest action as well, since the forest soothes my soul with its green quiet.

I came to a favorite bench and sat there for awhile. The view is absolutely incredible, and its a place I’ve visited so many times over so many years for this very reason: To pause. To reflect. To remember.

Many years ago, the first time in this spot, I had officiated a small memorial gathering for a young family. The mother of the two young children had crossed to the other side after a journey with breast cancer.

The kids had small containers that contained the remains of their momma. As each child sprinkled her remains on the rocks, one of them asked: “Daddy, is that a piece of bone?” She pointed to a tiny fragment. Daddy looked at the child with the deepest tenderness, but was in such deep grief, he could not respond, so he gazed at me pleadingly, and I answered her question: “Yes, it is, and these are the remains of her body. So we can remember that your mommy was here for awhile , and now is somewhere where her body is no longer needed.” “Ohhhh,” she said, and sadly nodded.


I’ve come to this spot ever since to reflect and remember and take in the view. Today the sun sparkles on the water’s currents. Today the Olympic Mountain range shimmers in the background.

Today also, I peaked over the edge of this high cliff and saw a lone porpoise swimming in the blue currents.

Since I was thinking of my beloved Jim and also of a widow friend who had recently crossed the veil, seeing this lone porpoise swimming was somewhat comforting. And appropriate.

Alone, yet still swimming: this was how I viewed my friend Deb as a fellow widow. She yearned, though, to be with her honey since he was the first one to go. Because she was quite sick, his dying first was not in the plan.

As I thought about her yearning, another porpoise appeared out of the blue to join this one, and they tumbled around together, and did a swirling dance round and round much like a human couple on the dance floor. It was a dance of “ I am so glad to be with you!” And then off they went together into the streaming currents of this inland sea.

Yearnings for reunion: I think it's there for a lot of us whose dear ones have left too soon. I know there will come a time of reunion for me when I shed this human body and it is transformed and reduced to bits of bone.

Until then, I sit and gaze in wonder at THIS side of the veil, and send my love to all who've been left behind.

I also send my love to those who’ve journeyed on. Blessings on your reunion with your beloved, Deb. And bless you, my sweet Jim, where ever you are in the vast ocean of consciousness.

Jim at the view spot

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