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And how did I come to see Auras?

I'm on a brief but oh so lovely seaside retreat, at a house owned by 2 longtime friends. I’m currently by myself, but the first night here I was treated to dinner and great conversation. The main theme circled around all things spiritual: near death experiences and other phenomena, as well as auras and… How did I come to see auras and work with them? Did this happen via a workshop or education or by accident or ??

The answer is no—seeing auras is not a learned trait. Managing my seeing auras is learned, but the sight is actually a gift bestowed upon me by Creator.

When I was a little girl, I lived in a magical world that was very real to me. I thought everyone lived in this world: seeing colors around people, knowing what they were feeling or thinking, seeing spirits of all kinds.

Alas, I came to find out that this was not everyone’s reality. And I was told that all this color and spiritual sightings was probably a bright little girl’s vivid imagination. So I put it away. I didn’t see the vivid colors for several years until a fateful day in 1977, when, at 21 years old, I saw my first aura as an adult on my then-husband.

We were newly wed, and I was in bed, propped up on an elbow, watching my beloved sleep. I thought, “Awww, I must be so in love! Look at how cute he is, and how much he is glowing…. Hold on. Glowing? He’s glowing?” I watched a luminescent mist swirl around his sleeping form. I then sat up, rubbed my eyes, shook my head in order to make it go away. But nope, it did not go away. So, being a student of psychology, I made up a theory to explain the phenomena. "It will go away, of course,” I assured myself, and went to sleep.

The next day brought more glowing mists—but this time everyone walking around our apartment building, and everyone on the University of Florida campus had a glow of some kind. Suddenly, it was a very busy, colorful, and rather crowded world. And it was hard to deal with.

People’s glows were both beautiful and strange. I saw the light around people, but I was also quite aware of the shadow side of their lives: illnesses, dark thoughts, anger, sadness, violent leanings. I saw the dreamer’s dreams, and the schemers' schemes, and so much more. To say this was Too Much Information (TMI) was an understatement. This was crazy making. And maybe I was going crazy--who’s to say?

42 years (and 3 husbands) later, I’ve settled into seeing colors and shapes around people 24/7. I even dream in auras. I have made peace with the sight. Numerous shamans and teachers have helped me in this effort—I am so grateful to all who helped me cope and wrangle my sight as well as those who helped me determine just what it is I should do with this gift.

I now offer many ways to share what I see: In the aura portrait sessions, I draw your beautiful colors and shapes and explain who you are and why you’re here on the planet. I also use my sight to heal and release what doesn’t serve a person, or to balance disparate energies. And most of all, I use what I see to inspire and keep us all on humanity’s Road to enlightenment and evolution. I still have high hopes for us crazy characters.

I’ll see you on the road…beautiful colors and all.

Colorful blessings,


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