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A Spiritually transformative experience.

This recent and powerful experience followed a week's worth of dark nights and days of the soul:

I was meditating on behalf of a friend and client who has cancer. In these meditations, we arrange a time to meditate "together" in our own spaces, and connect on the "inner-net" rather than the internet, then we chat afterwards on zoom.

I have a beautiful 2-hands-sized selenite bowl a student recently gifted me. I start the meditation by energetically placing burdens to be released, and intentions for healing into the bowl. All was quiet, a supreme silence I have not ever experienced in this lifetime. No thoughts, no music, not even the usual ringing in my ears. QUIET.

Then an energy started to rise out of the bowl. A light and a frequency difficult to describe, but if I had to put a name to it, it was the frequency of Love and Compassion.

The energy/light quickly surrounded me and was inside me—no-thing was left out in my body and soul and mind. My energy field (aura) was filled with the Light. And then the room filled, and the light was everywhere.

Somewhere close by, I could see my friend, as well as a few other friends and clients who are going through challenging illnesses and experiences. The light surrounded them with warmth and love and unbridled compassion. I saw their bodies bathed by the Light: both inside and out. There seemed to be no obstacles for this Light: It was everywhere.

At some point, there was a shift: the Light remained, but I no longer saw my friends. Instead, an incredible vision emerged: a pillar of hundreds or thousands of wings, swirling in a vortex. They seemed to be made of this Light. They were pearl-white colored, with shimmering colors glinting from each wing. The pillar vortex was immense in size, but I can not tell you what that actually meant, dimension-wise. I was awestruck by this sight and the next sighting:

Out of the swirling vortex of wings there emerged an angel. The wings disappeared, but this angel remained. Beautiful, feminine feeling, her wings were made of streaming energy on both sides of her. As I felt another rush of Compassion flowing my way, she declared: I am the Angel of Transition. I am here to help you help others to remember Who they are. Call on me."

And then it all disappeared…whoosh! I was back in my living room, tears streaming down my face, and still holding the selenite bowl.

I haven't been the same since. In helping so many people with their extremely challenging lives, as well as facing down the challenging times we are all facing, I will certainly call upon this angel.

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