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2022: The Year of the Heart

We have collectively plunged into 2022's vibration of 6 (2+0+2+2 = 6): In the Tarot, the major arcana (archetypal) number 6 card is The Lovers: The card of huge choices, and transformative relationships. In numerology, 6 is the Heart: Unconditional love, support, and healing will come into play this year. Home and friendship and alliances are key. Yet, the shadow aspect of 6 is conventional, "status quo" thinking, and one needs to be care-filled about adopting other's opinions instead of using one's own mind and intuition. With a status-quo mindset, there can be self righteous, know-it-all, smug thinking: the biblical zealot archetype comes to mind.

So, here are the challenges ahead for us heart-driven people:

Let us be mindful of where we have lost trust in our inner knowing, and let us be wary of thinking we know what's best for others.

Meanwhile, the template for the heart chakra is a 6 pointed star: The merging of Human and Being, Heaven and Earth, God and Nature, Spirit and Matter. The two triangles that create the 6 pointed star are interlocked, interdependent, and inseparable—and that is key: there is no separation. In the shaman's world, everything is Spiritual: Trees, bodies, the elements of fire, water, air, mineral; health and well-being, and on and on…. We live and work and play in a multi-dimensional Universe.

So see and feel the six pointed star and its divine emanation of unconditional love beaming from your heart center. And use that visual or feeling often—especially when you experience upset, discouragement, injury to the mind, body or soul, depression or grief.

Speaking of grief—which is a natural process: Through the activation of this unconditional love via the heart star’s light, our collective grief can transform and awaken human consciousness. We will be able to more clearly see when other humans are corrupt and smug and not in their hearts. We will also recognize, more and more, what and who does come from the heart, and what and who’s actions will truly bring about healing.

Our opportunities for transformative healing have never been so powerful as they are at this time in human history. Tune in and let your Starlight shine.

You and your heart are a blessing to the world.

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