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Who can you trust?

First, the good news: My website is out of hijacked mode and back up. Yes. After hours on the phone with my domain server, and more than a few $$s to place it on a secure server, you can now find me and my blog posts, schedule, services and contact info on the WWW.Whew. The process of getting the junk pages that posed for my website back into my control was fairly intense, and got me to wondering about the whole trust thing: How do I know what and who is trustworthy? and What choices can I trust in order to do the “right thing?”

On a macro level, during the recent long government shutdown, the issue of trust was laid out for all to see: Up for grabs was: trust in the government to employ people to maintain necessary services, and trust of the government employees that their jobs were secure and that they would eventually get paid. And how about trust in our government to keep us safe at borders, airports, and other public places?

In my lifetime, I’ve been scammed and tricked and fooled by people I thought I could trust. Thousands of dollars have been lost to the untrustworthy. Even more importantly, my trust in others came through trusting my ability to see through their trustworthiness and understand that they shouldn’t be trusted. In other words…My trust in my making good choices has been severely tested. And, I would imagine, so has yours if you are among the vast population who has placed your trust into financial vehicles that had gone bust, or relatives/friends who’ve cheated you, or the medical system that failed you or….I know, the list is long.

So how do we know what and who to trust? Is there really a way to know that? I would say yes. And that yes is based on my experience with using my intuition as a means to make the best choices for me. Using one’s intuition to make choices is not a fool-proof methodology—I’ll admit that. Why?

Because we are human, that’s why, and us humans have been so trained to trust in sources outside of ourselves for the answers, we don't always pay attention to the more subtler signs and feelings our intuition provides. Hence my being fooled and cheated by more than a few people: Yea, yea, I saw that there were “issues” in their auras. But my mind and big heart would often take over and say: “Bah. Bypass your concerns. I mean, look how nice that person is.” or “Look at how worthy that cause is!” or “Pay no attention to what you feel, Elke.

It’s probably your imagination.” Or, here’s a good one: “But there are other smart good people involved, so it must be legit, right?”

Meanwhile, in every single case of trickery and foolery and disastrous results, I knew…something. Something either felt off or seemed off about the deal/proposal/relationship/ et. al. And, because I ignored or put aside the intuitive knowing, by the time I woke up to the truth, it was too late to do anything about it except to put out the fires and move on the best I could. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

I say to you: Trust your knowing. It’s the only way to live a life of grace and flow. Your inner knowing always wants what is in your highest and best interest. Sometimes, a loud and clear voice tells you what or whom you can trust. More likely though, it is a quieter voice, or an inner feeling or a gut sense that belies the more loud and obvious flashy sparkle of, say, a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Also: Not all foolishness can be avoided. Hence government shutdowns and corporate snafus and website hacking…although in my case, the latter came from ignoring my longtime knowing that I needed to get my site onto a secure server.

For the most part, people mean well, and are good. You can trust that. But when your trust in the few exceptions can radically affect your life, remember who’s got your back: You. Your true Self does. Trust me.



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