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Harvest what you Sow!

Harvest what you've sown I love love love this time of year in our beautiful valley. This is such a rich time, produce-wise; The apples are starting to show up on farm-stands, along with fresh sweet corn, the last of the blue and black berries—deluxe yummy abundance abounds.

There is another kind of harvest happening in my life—a very exciting kind having to do with long term home creation—but I will keep you in suspense about that until the actual harvest itself. Meanwhile, I want to share the not-so-secret tips from farmers world-wide, of what brings about a good and plentiful harvest, and apply it to harvesting the results of our intentions.

It all starts with the seeds; What is being seeded? Are you seeding your creation garden with thoughts and words that you truly want to see happen? Or are there seeds of doubt or fear in there? Nip those fears and doubts before they even bud. Get clear about what you want, and pour your attention on that.

Is the soil prepared for the seeds to take root? Is the climate appropriate for what one is seeding? What needs to be done in order to support your seeded intentions? Do you need to clean and clear a space or clean up your habits or?? Is there a plan in place to implement your intentions or is this a free-wheeling creation? Focus can help to guide the seeds to the sunlight of creation.

Maintenance and care: What needs to be done to keep your seeds growing towards harvest? Weeding out the doubts and fears is essential. Ask often: Does this (thought, action, attitude) support my intention? Maintenance also includes feeding and watering those intentions: Feed them by keeping your focus and attention on the prize/harvest.

And voila! The harvest: Accept the gift of this delicious creation. And keep in mind that you always have the choice to not accept any “fruit”—results—that do not support you. Instead, release those results by accepting the lesson you learned in creating them in the first place, forgive yourself and everyone involved, and start seeding what you really want!

Happy harvest time to you, Elke

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