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Grateful for It All

coffee, paper, mountain.

After a fun conversation via text over a world series game we were both watching, a friend texted a surprising thank you note: “PS: Thank you for helping to restore my faith in female/human nature.”

To which I replied, “Humans are just that: human, flawed and perfectly imperfect. We’re all doing our best to navigate a weird but interesting planet. Take care, fellow human.”

I share this because as of late, its been a challenging and wild ride in my human world, yet so interesting—in the same way that riding a treacherous but scenic road is “interesting”: Gorgeous stuff to view all around, yet having to focus on the road in front of me for fear of a big fall.

In short: Hubby and I have moved to a lovely home in the town we love, and we can stay here for however long we wish. We can put down roots. We can infuse our energy into the place and make it our own. It’s an incredible miracle, born after 8 + years of gestation, in a sense. This last June 1, we left our home of 20-years-to-the-day to strike out for new territories and find a home we could afford. I won’t go into the financial circumstances and reasons for this, but suffice it to say, we were (and are) not alone in dealing with challenges of huge medical bills and investments gone bad. So this move is a very big deal. And I want to thank my brother in law John for making this happen by buying a home and leasing it to us for an affordable price. A teary heartfelt thank you for this tremendous gift, John.

The move itself was challenging and exhausting. Friends pitched in as much as possible, and I am so grateful to have a caring tribe in this community. That said, no matter how much help I had, most of the exhaustion and challenge came from what came before the move: Sweet husband’s heart was experiencing decreasing function, as well as several onboard defibrillator blasts (in other words, a small pacemaker/AED device that senses when his heart is in ventricular tachycardia—look it up, its not good). After 2 trips to the local ER, we finally got him transferred to a good cardiology unit in a hospital an hour away, where he spent 7 days in intense distress, yet in the hands of good people who finally found the main problem of a blockage and fixed it.

Being a hospital wife, I know the drill and the routine: Get up early, get to hospital early for the changing of the shifts, when all the details of what went on in the night gets transmitted to the incoming nurse. Also, get there for the parade of doctors and people in the know or people with the means to find answers. The routine is intense and tiring…but my honey is worth it, of course. And through it all, I relied on my trust in Spirit to make sure life still flowed in a positive direction. I prayed and meditated and affirmed that the highest and best outcome would come of this adventure. I also danced, of course, for a few minutes at a time in the hallway outside Jim’s door. I put on earbuds and played inspirational music and moved and released the stressful energy. All of this keep me alive and well enough to….

Pack up and make the big move. Now that we’re here, there are still health challenges to deal with on my honey’s part, and yet, it is so much easier to bear in a home of our own.

So now you know what I’ve been up to in my perfectly imperfect way. I haven’t always been graceful in this journey—I admit to several meltdowns of epic proportions. Yet, I also know I have tools to use to deal with the meltdowns and stresses and everyday life stuff. Thank goodness for that knowledge.

I am back up and serving in my way again too: there are classes and offerings coming up, and clients to help navigate their own journeys, auras to see and people to inspire, and the healing table is warmed up and ready for its purpose. It's good to be back. It's good to be home. It's good to be alive.

with love, Elke

Fall activity:

Saturday, November 16 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Journey around the medicine wheel

In indigenous traditions around the world, the circle of life is expressed by the four directions of the the medicine wheel. We journey around the wheel for spiritual purposes and to gain answers and perspectives.

This day-long retreat will take you around the wheel of your life, reflecting on your past, being in the present and guiding you to future creations. We will also explore our ties to the forces of nature: Wind, Fire, Earth and Water, as well as the central force of Spirit. $150 fee includes soup lunch

In order to proved an intimate and safe environment, the class will be limited to 10 people. RSVP and register via or email me for more information.


New service: Wisdom Wednesdays Guidance phone sessions

I am dedicating Wednesdays to spiritual guidance sessions for a special price. Ask questions and bring me your challenges. I'll tune into your aura and offer spiritual strategies specifically aligned with the highest and best outcome for you. $60/one hour session to schedule: Email

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