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Clear your aura, clear your mind.

Clear the aura, clear the mind.

For all you sensitive, compassionate people out there, I think you might be familiar with these symptoms: Unable to focus. On the verge of emotional eruption via sad tears or anger. On high alert. On overwhelm. Burdened by your own and others’ and the world’s problems and crises.

These are the symptoms of an overly cluttered energy field, a.k.a. aura. You’re filled to the brim with a collection of what I call the cling-ons—including other people’s energies, thoughts, cares, woes, dramas, burdens. You’ve picked up stray cling-ons and adopted them—but they’re not yours to keep.

Yea, yea, I know: You’re compassionate and kind and you are desperately wanting to lift people’s burdens and solve the problems of the world. You are Wonder Woman and Superman, and you have the super powers to do so, don’t you? Well, maybe. The thing is, even wonder women and super men have limits and need to choose their battles. They can’t fix everything or save everyone. So what is a limited superhero to do? Answer: She takes it all in, and holds onto what cannot be fixed in her aura. And just by virtue of living on this dearly beloved planet, he picks up strays.

The overly cluttered aura is a common theme in my healing practice--especially lately. And while picking up other’s energies is a natural function of a compassionate soul, I am seeing deleterious effects of trying to function with the clutter: Immune systems shut down, and exhaustion takes over. Sadness and despair is winning. And most distressing: My beloved clients and pals are not able to contribute what they have to offer effectively…and sometimes not at all. That is the saddest part to me: We need all of us to be healthy enough to stay in the Game.

So, without further ado, may I suggest one everyday practice that will help you, and therefore help all of us? Here it is:

Clear your aura every day.

How to do this?

First of all, clearing your aura doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.

Intention is key—state your intention: "I am clearing the clutter and releasing it to Source (Spirit, Universe, God, the angels, et al)."

Then find a way to clear your aura:

You can sweep your arms in front of you and declare “Clean and clear!”

You can smudge: Light some white sage, or a palo santo stick (my personal favorite), or incense (sandalwood is good), or cedar with lavender or whatever seems to suit you, and let it waft in your aura. Use a feather to help facilitate this.

On a breezy day, you can let the wind blow your aura clean. On a sunny day, allow the sun to clear up the darkness. On a rainy day, spend a few minutes in it to allow the stray energies to wash off.

Take a shower. Put salt on a sponge, sponge off and let the bad juju wash away. Or take a salt bath.

Or you can take a moment, tune in, and offer up this prayer: “I release what does not serve me to God. Thank you.”

Clear it up people! It’s not yours. Do this, and allow what IS worthy of your attention to show up. You’ll be more able to cope with what’s not working. You will be able to shine your sweet compassionate and loving self.

With love, Elke PS: 2 events: 1. Springtime smudging event: Clean and clear!

Join me for a springtime clearing ceremony: Release what no longer belongs in your energy field. Feel lighter and freer to be your shiny self! Sunday, April 7, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at my lovely waterfront office and Sanctuary a few miles from LaConner WA. Sliding Scale $20-$30 Limited to 12 participants MUST RSVP:

Smudging is an ancient, worldwide custom. In many traditions, one takes a solid substance such as sage or palo santo or incense, and through the magical transformation of fire, create a living prayer in the smoke. The smoke is then used to cleanse and heal. --------------- And once a month for 3 months:

Summertime Drum journeying practice and support group

I am hearing the call to provide more opportunities for you to journey into the world of spirit via drum journeying. Allow me to drum for you, support your journey to gain answers and guidance on your spirit path, and meet new or known totems, guides and guardians.

Beginners and advanced journeyers welcome. Come to all or one, but you must RSVP and reserve your spot to attend. Details: Drum Journeys: Afternoons, 1:30 - 4:30 PM Saturday, May 11, and Sundays June 23, July 14 (with possible August session—I’ll keep you posted.) Location: Elke’s Office Sanctuary near La Conner WA. $25-$45 suggested offering


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