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Aura Cling-ons

It’s tricky to be a seer sometimes. As much as I do my best to see the good in everyone, I I see a lot of sludge as well. And by sludge I mean the heavy coating of habits and thoughts that coat a person’s shinier self—aka their true Self. So I do my best to uncover the shine…

I clear auras during healing sessions.

I paint and read auras during aura portrait sessions.

I guide and prompt and shine a light on people’s path whenever I can.

All good and effective and helpful and yet…

Here’s the tricky part: People hang onto things that do not serve them anyway. And by the way, “people” includes yours truly: I hang onto stuff too.

I think that’s part of the human process: What do we allow to stay and what needs to go? It seems to be a constant battle.

Here are 2 frequent aura cling-ons I see:

1. Accumulated regrets: This is known as the “would’ve could’ve should’ve” cling-on. “If only I would’ve or I could’ve or I should’ve”…fill in the blanks. There are plenty of blanks to fill. For instance: “Why did I say that? I should’ve said….” or “If only I would’ve been more positive/forceful/tender/confident….” or “If only I would’ve been less negative/wimpy/confrontative.” or “I could’ve done better.” And here’s an old chestnut for me: “I should’ve known better.” I mean, as a seer, shouldn’t I have known better than to take on something disastrous, or shouldn’t I have seen it coming? *sigh*

Can you see how these regrets hold people in bondage?

2. Other people’s words. Really? Oh yes, really. Words are powerful, and once heard, are very difficult to un-hear. And, while positive statements and compliments might hang out in our auras for awhile, it’s the negative or judgmental statements that really cling on tight, and if said often enough, can stack up in a heap of negative thinking.

Recently, I encouraged a friend to write—a blog, or maybe an article or a small book. She is a gifted editor of other people’s works and words—so why not? Ghostly words from her childhood roared to the surface: Her parents poured praise on the boys in the family, but hardly acknowledged—if at all—any of her accomplishments. Yet criticism was in plentiful supply, so she learned not to trust that what she had to offer was of any good. Old cling-ons from another age held her back from sharing her gifts.

She has since worked on this—she forgave her parents and cleared the impact of their words. I’m glad, but I wonder how many other talented people are not doing what they are meant to do because someone discouraged or dismissed them?

How to clear the clutter?

1. I advised you all recently to clean and clear your aura using whatever tools you have on hand: smudging, walking in the wind, spreading your arms out and say “clean and Clear” and so forth.

2. Deeper cleaning is often needed for more persistent cling-ons. When you’re hesitant or out and out afraid to do something, ask: “What is holding me back?” and see what may come up.

3. Facilitation might be needed by a friend or guide or healer. (I am standing by!)

Remember though, like polishing silver, shining an aura is a life long process: Cllng-ons often pack on in layers. But it's worth the effort to clean them up, because it’s more fun to shine, full out. And these days, we could use all shiny auras on deck.



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