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Your Aura Knows

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Your aura always knows what is in your best interest.

As an aura seer and guide

to people on the spiritual path, I’m often asked to tell a person what I see in their aura as they make choices about everything from healing what ails them to looking for a new career or home or life path. My answers are based on one simple principle and truth: Our auras—aka our subtle energy fields—respond directly to whatever it is we are considering—and often in the form of a “yes” or “no” answer. Here’s how it works:

Your aura responds to what you experience—sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes in subtle ways—and informs you as to what is in your best interest and highest good. How does it do this? It either expands or contracts in response to what is offered. As an aura seer, here’s an example of what I see—literally:

At her appointment, a client brings in a bucket of vitamins and supplements and medicines for me to advise her on what is or isn’t working, what proper dosages are best, and so on. She holds the substance in her hand and maybe her aura shrinks a little or a lot, suggesting: “Nope, I don’t want or need that!” Or her aura grows a little or a lot, and/or shines a bit brighter, suggesting: “Yes, that works for me!” I then report on what I see, and the bucket of stuff is whittled down to a more manageable and helpful collection.

Same kind of format for a person examining a job or home or relationship: As I listen to them, I also observe a person’s aura—which honestly I do all the time—and watch as it responds to what the person is talking about. Either there is expansion or contraction or putting up defenses or a brightening…. Their energy field inherently knows what is and what is not best for them.

Now, this is all fine and well, and a great use of my gift of aura-sight. I love to help others create their best lives. Yet, of course I can't follow everyone around in their life, so I also help others to do one basic thing that guides them to their highest good: I help people to trust themselves and to trust their inner knowing. Because the truth is, you DO know what's best for you. Really. I mean it. It may seem that you're confused or muddled or trying to figure things out. Those are experiences I am well-familiar with. Yet…

Because I typically don't have anyone handy to look at my aura and see how it's responding, I have to trust my inner knowing, aka “my gut” or my intuition or sensing in order to come up with my own answers and choices. Sometimes I’ll use tools to give me hints: Oracle cards and occasional “muscle checking/ testing” (look it up), or I’ll call on a friend for input, or take a walk and clear my mind. I often get my best insights while walking in nature, or while in the shower or even in dreamtime. All valid and wonderful ways to access my knowing. Yet…

I also acknowledge that, a lot of the time, I just know. I get a sensation of expansion or contraction or a feeling of well being or out-of-synch-ness or calm or excitement or cloudiness or clarity, and I go from there. My aura is responding to my environment and my experiences all the time, all the time. And so is yours.

What do you want to experience?

In creating anything new, or re-creating and fine tuning what’s already created, it's helpful to let the Universe know what it is you have in mind and heart.

Sometimes it’s easy to know exactly what we want: i.e. This amount of money. That kind of car. This guy/gal/person as my partner/mate/friend. Working for that company/playing for that team/attending that school….and so on and on…. We think we know what we want and we go for "it” and sometimes get "it" and sometimes don’t.

Yet, sometimes, after getting and achieving exactly what we think we want, the aftermath tells a different, more complex and nuanced story:

We marry the person of our dreams, only to divorce not too long afterward because of “irreconcilable differences.”

We get the job of our dreams, but there is a colleague from hell who ruins everything.

We attend the school of our choice, but it doesn’t fit our values and standards…..

I think you get my drift: Getting what you think you want doesn’t always guarantee satisfaction or happiness or fulfillment. Listen, I know there are no guarantees in life, and, as well, I fully realize that we often learn crucial life lessons when things get negative. Yet I also know this:

When it comes right down to it, my best life experiences come in the most amazing, diverse packages: All sorts of unexpected meetings and trips and jobs and homes and relationships have enriched my life. And just when I find myself at what looks like a dead-end or road block, something else opens up that enriches my life’s journey.

And so it is that I make a habit to come up with words to describe the experience of what I am aiming for: For instance, if I’m looking for a home, what do I want to experience in that home? In other words, what is “home” to me? Is it about comfort and community and nature and ease and abundance and sanctuary? Those were the words I used to create the home I currently reside in. And now that I’m here, I’m refining the words to describe my experiences: Recently, experiencing “peacefulness” has been added. And my sense of community has changed since the pandemic response began because, for all sorts of reasons, my local community has shrunk by a lot. So I am re-assessing what community means to me. There’s more fine tuning to come as I also experience my home life as a solo-person after being in relationship for many years… It’s an ongoing process.

May I suggest: in order to create what is in your personal highest and best interest, ask the following question:

What do I want to experience in my _________? Lifestyle? School? Community? Work life? Relationship? Health? Travels? Yard? Kitchen? Or...?

Come up with a number of words to describe your desired experience. Then, pay close attention to how you feel when you come up with the words: Do you feel lighter, happier, freer, more peaceful or centered or excited? Those positive feelings will clue you in to what you actually want to create.

Your Aura Knows

To sum up my main points: You know what’s best for you, and your aura does too.

The best way to support that knowing is to trust your Self.

Note the capital “S” in the word "Self". We are both Higher Self and human self. The Higher Self is our True Self: the One who knows. The One who came to this crazy lil planet for mysterious reasons we might not understand til we become spirit again. This Self is the One who always wants what is in our human's highest and best interest.

This Self doesn’t judge, but our true Self does discern and clarify and most importantly: Observes. Listens. Knows.

It is the True Self who guides us via feelings and intuition and messages. In my experience, when I trust my true Self as She observes and discerns for me, the results are pretty darn good. I also know that when I don’t trust the inner knowing of my true Self, and/or if I question what I know to be true—yes I do that sometimes—the results are murky at least and often problematic or unsatisfying. Ack. (Oops, I was conjuring up an inventory of dicey choices based on ignoring my inner voice. Sigh. Moving on…)

Learning to trust my Self and my inner knowing has always led me to the truth. Yes, you read that correctly: The truth. And, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather know the truth, even if it hurts or is uncomfortable. I’d rather depend on my inner knowing to guide me than depend on any agent or resource outside of me. I realize this might be a radical notion to some, because some outside experts and agencies have our best interest in mind, and we can trust them. Other times not so much though, or things are suggested for us that do not work for us. Personally, I want to know and do what is best for me, so that I can be a light unto the world, be of service and, to the best of my ability, spread goodwill.

Trust your Self, because you do know. You know what is best and what is not so good and what you might need to put on hold and what is full speed ahead.

You know. Your aura knows. Trust.

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